“Everyday I look forward to new ways to work and think”

What do you do at Starbreeze?
I am a Lead Level Designer for both PAYDAY 2 and PAYDAY 3, and my main responsibility is supporting the level design team and bridging the gaps between the other departments and us in general. I also break down the game direction and vision further into the level design specific elements where we can integrate into our scope and tasks. Coming up with level design direction and pillars that aligned with the overall game direction, and ensuring consistency through all the core elements in the game we are working with.

What made you start at the company, and what is your background?
Prior to joining Starbreeze, I was working in Ubisoft Singapore for about six years, primarily on the Assassin’s Creed franchise from Assassin’s Creed Syndicate until the most recent, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. And in the last three years before I left, I had the opportunity to learn and progress my career towards a Lead role, leading and growing the world design team, and also guiding the world design team in our co-development studios, Chengdu and Philippines during those times. Early 2021, I was opened up to this opportunity of being able to relocate to Sweden and work in Starbreeze. And as the interview process went by, I got to learn more about what I actually want to do and learn. The conversations I had with various team members during those times have been a wonderful experience and it wasn’t just about me learning more about myself, but also learning more about them before I actually joined the company. I feel that the company truly values who they are bringing into the team, and they want that individual to be part of the culture and people they are building and growing together. I also see this as an opportunity where I can learn and continue building my skills in a different game genre and environment.

What makes Starbreeze an exciting place to be?
Working with talents from different backgrounds and experience is always one of the most exciting thing I look forward to in each video game company, and Starbreeze is no exception. And the support and guidance I have received from my peers during this period of time, has been one of the most appreciative thing in growing myself further in this industry. Everyday I look forward to learning new ways to work and think about different perspectives. 

What was the most fun in 2021 and what do you look forward to the most in 2022?
The most fun moment in 2021 is probably also the biggest decision I made to relocate to Sweden to work, leaving my comfort zone to explore new challenges in Starbreeze and a new country that I have never been to before. It is amazing to be able to be part of the PAYDAY franchise journey and see where it will further expand in the future. I am definitely looking forward to seeing what exciting content we will be creating for both PAYDAY 2 and the upcoming PAYDAY 3 game as well.